Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photos From Europe

Photos From Europe

Would you like a window to a beautiful picturesque site from Europe in your house? I'm Isaac and these are photos I have taken from around Europe.  I took every photo myself.  You can order a large 14"x11" inch print of any of the following photos and make any room in your house seem so much brighter and classier, or have the perfect gift for a traveler in your life, all while supporting a young artist!

See what I'm all about in the video below:

All of my photo prints are shipped in a sturdy envelope:


Why do the previews of these images have a label that says "Property of" Will that appear on a print if ordered?

No, the label will not appear if you order the print.  I put it on the previews on this site as a watermark to prevent people from stealing my images.

My photo looks doctored, has it been?

I do edit the photos a little bit to bring out better light and colors and to remove obnoxious objects like piles of trash from the view.  A trained eye can probably spot this.  I always viewed these photos as works of art where I am trying to create a pleasing image for the viewer, not necessarily a completely realistic and undoctored photograph.

Why are there black stripes at the top and bottom of some photos?

The aspect ratio on my camera is not quite the same as an 14"x11" print.  On some photos I cropped the sides to make it fit the print.  On other photos I felt it was more important to give you the full image so there are small stripes at the top and bottom.  These stripes will be covered by most frames.

Photo Prints for Order:

Carlton Hill Edinburgh, Scotland:

Edinburgh Old Town at Night

Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Ice Stairway, Iceland

Eiffel View Paris, France

Thames River London, England

Gondola Service Venice, Italy

Temple to Hephaestus Athens, Greece

Greek Theater Athens, Greece

View from the Acropolis Athens, Greece

Roman Walls Pompei, Italy

Evening in Riga, Latvia

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin, Ireland

Spanish Riding School Vienna, Austria